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First of all, there is no true repair of glass in doors and homes, so when we say “repair” we technically mean replacement. But customers say repair, we say repair, everybody says repair but yes, we are only replacing the glass. If it makes you feel better, in a true technical sense we are repairing the door, by replacing the glass.

French doors – Any door that has full glass panel in the door is a French door. Whether there is one door, two doors, four doors, either way, it is a French Door
That being said there are 2 types of French Doors. One that you can replace the glass, one that you can’t replace the glass. In the latter, you have to replace the entire door slab to fix the problem. The two types of French doors are “Flush Glaze Doors or Insert Glaze Doors (Or Lip-Lite).”

You can tell the difference by looking at the edge of the door glass and comparing it to the pictures below. An insert glaze or Lip Lite is characterized by a “lip” or “molding” that surrounds the edge of the glass as it connects to the door, and the molding actually bumps out from the door slab or you can say has a raised surround. A flush glaze door does not have this and is more of a “flush” feel, where you can just run your hand over the door and glass without a bump out or raise. Hence the term, flush glaze.

insert french door glass
flush glaze french door glass repair

So, let’s start with the easy one, Insert Glaze or Lip-Lite Glazed doors.
These are easy. We usually have the common sizes in stock, so we can fix these same day or next day if we have the glass in stock. If not, its just a few days to get the glass ordered and installed. If you need a board up service, that will be an additional $175 if you buy the glass from us. Board up service where you don’t buy the glass from us will run you about $245.

At any rate, there is usually clear or low-E Glass in these inserts so depending on the size of the door and the glass type, these will run you anywhere from $375 to $550 in most cases. In fact, 9 out of 10 times its actually $425 just to give you an idea of what you are looking at as far as costs for replacing your French door glass.
Please give us a call if you have this type of door, we will be happy to take care of this for you.

french door glass repair

Now, on to the more difficult one, flush glaze French doors. If you have this type of door, you are not going to be happy. This door is designed to have the entire door replaced if the glass breaks. In the industry we call them, throw away doors, because if the glass breaks, you have to throw the door away. Don’t ask me why someone would create a product that has to be thrown away if someone throws a rock at it, but the exist, and they sell a lot of them. One benefit is that they do look a lot better than the alternative.
Unfortunately, they are going to be expensive. So here is the process for replacing the glass in a flush glazed door.
1. The opening will need to be boarded up. This is going to cost you between $175 (for 6’8” doors) or $195 (for 8’ doors) if you order the replacement door from us.
2. We will remove the door from the hinges and load it up on our truck and bring it back to the shop. At this time, we will know the price of the new door slab, which can range anywhere from $350 dollars to $3500 dollars, but in most cases, its going to be around $1000
3. If you are good with the price, we will need to collect a 50% deposit and then we will have a new complete door slab made to the specifications matching the door we removed from your home.
4. Finally, we will bring out the new door and install it in your home.
All of that being said, here are a few things to remember.
A. The new door is going to be perfectly straight and true, and the old door is not. Therefore, you may see daylight around the edges, the door may drag or scrap, it may stick a little. Also, the lock probably isn’t going to work as smoothly as before, and in many cases, it’s going to need to be painted or stained. It’s no fun but the only thing we can say is that it will fit and lock, other than that you are on your own.
B. You will need to be agreeable to all of those things. The only warranty you will receive is on the product we provided. We cannot make any adjustments to your old door, and you will just have to accept the reality that the new door may not be a perfect fit.
C. You have to be willing to agree not to hold us responsible for this unfortunate circumstance. After all, we aren’t the ones who put the “throw away door” in your house so many years ago. We are simply trying to provide a service, and unfortunately these are the caveats we need to put in place to be able to profitably provide this service.

french door glass replacement

Because of this ill-fated reason, many times it’s just better to replace the entire door, frame and all. Interestingly enough, this is what Thermatru recommends, (a major supplier of flush glaze doors). They say just replace the entire door, including the frame, door knobs and everything, because when a door slab only is replaced, the homeowner is oftentimes dissatisfied with the end result and since in many cases the price is just a few hundred dollars more, so why not just replace the whole thing and have a brand-new door. Besides they want to sell more doors.

Also, insurance companies are aware that there are French doors out there that are designed to be thrown away if the glass breaks, so it usually isn’t an issue if you are expecting your insurance company to reimburse you. I can’t speak for all insurance companies So, it is up to you.
So, to make a long story short, we replace glass in French doors and we do it all the time. If you are interested in having us help you with this project, please give us a call and schedule an appointment to