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While You’re Away

If you aren’t feeling safer yet, tune in for these last three Home Security tips.

While You’re Away – I can’t tell you how many times I hear the phrase, “While we were on vacation our house got robbed” Believe me there is nothing worse than coming home from being out of town to find your home broken into and all of your valuables gone and your personal belongings ransacked.

A friend of mine who’s home just got broken into while they were out of town came home to find everything gone, including jewelry, valuables and worst of all, their social security cards. You need to take a few extra steps before you leave out of town to make sure your home is safe while you’re gone.

Have a trusted neighbor or family member remove newspapers, flyers, extra mail and debris that has blown into your yard. Have them also park their car in front of your home while you’re gone. You should also have timers on your interior lights that turns a few lights on and off in a logical sequence, to make it appear that someone is home. A TV or radio that turns off and on is a good idea as well.

Most importantly, do not advertise that you are leaving! Yes, burglars stake out a house/neighborhood before they attempt to break in. If you are in the front yard tying a suitcase to the top of your station wagon when a burglar drives by, guess where he’s going to be tomorrow? That’s right inside your house loading up on your things.

Pull your car into the garage and load it up there when going on a trip. Remember, even if you have an alarm system, if they can get in and out quickly, its worth it to them to take 5 or 6 minutes and grab everything they can carry then get out of there, because they know it takes 20 to 30 minutes for anyone to respond to an alarm.

Also you should invest in a home safe. Small things that are worth a lot of money are what burglars are looking for. They aren’t there for the big screen TV that will take 20 minutes to unplug and three movers to get out of the house. If you put all of your small valuables in a home safe, you’ve avoided 90% of the risk right there.

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