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Custom Home Windows – Mistake 2

Mistake #2 – Working with a company that does not install their own product.


This is a tell tale sign of a contractor that isn’t confident in his trade. If someone won’t install their own product, you’ve got to ask yourself why? It’s understandable if you can find someone reputable to do it for less, but someone that just flat out refuses to install his own product is telling you, “Sure buy my product, but I’m not going to take any responsibility for it.”


What some companies hope you never realize is that if someone else installs it, and later you have a problem with the window, they can come out and say, “Nope, sorry, it was installed incorrectly; you’re going to have to call the installers and have them come out and fix it.” Even if it’s a problem they can fix, they won’t because they will incur an undue cost. Then, when the installer comes out he’s going to say, “Nope, it’s installed correctly, the window is bad, you have to call the manufacturer.” Now you’re stuck with a window that won’t work and no one to help you fix it. Unfortunately this is where I’ve come in time after time and the homeowner that bought a product with a lifetime warranty can’t even get the window to close and has to pay someone else to fix it.


Using the company that supplies the windows to install the windows solves that problem. Even if the window was installed incorrectly, they are going to put some effort into fixing it because they know they are responsible for the window for the life of the home.


Extra Secret – Beware of companies that offer every window under the sun. A great question to ask is “How many different window product lines to you offer?” If they offer several different windows beware. I know of several companies that get into financial trouble and take on another window line because they are having trouble paying one supplier, so they start fresh with a new one so as not to delay any customer shipments. However, I know one homeowner who fell into this trap. He ordered his windows and then later when he went to order his doors, they told him no, no, this other door product is much better, why don’t you go with those.


Well, the window company never paid for the doors or the windows and ended up filing for bankruptcy. Then since they hadn’t been paid, the window companies placed a lien on the customer’s house and the homeowner had to pay for his windows and doors, TWICE! Make sure you get supplier releases before you make any final payments.

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