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Custom Home Windows Product Differs

We are different from the competition

  • We offer a free Hackout allowance to custom home owners/builders based on the window and door package we are installing for the client. Other window companies try to make a killing on hackouts after the fact and usually drop their original prices in hopes of getting extra money on the back end by charging outrageous prices for hackouts usually exceeding the clients’ window budget. We strive to make sure you only have to pay for your windows once.


  • We use only certified master window installers. Many window companies don’t carry a contractor’s license or worker’s compensation insurance. They subcontract installers to work under the General Contractors license. At InstallPro LLC, we are fully licensed and insured and perform all of our own installations with qualified, drug free, expert trained installers, who are committed to quality, craftsmanship and a job well done. Our installers are employees, not subcontractors and are part of our ongoing training program.


  • We manage all aspects of the job from the window delivery to the installation of the screens after your final clean. Before we order your windows, we analyze every window and door in the every room of your house, one by one to insure proper fit, egress and style. We also pre-walk your house one-week before delivery and apprise the framers of any openings that are going to be a problem beforehand. That way your schedule isn’t held up because of rough opening miscommunications. We keep all of your hardware and screens at our shop and take full responsibility for them until you are ready to have them installed even if it is a year later. Other companies will make you responsible for the storage of screens and hardware, some companies don’t even return to do final adjustments and screen installations. At InstallPro LLC we handle all phases of our trade from start to finish.

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