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Front Door – Entry Door

We have already discussed your front door, but since it is the most broken into entry of the home I want to discuss another security feature that may save you a lot of headache and loss.

That is namely a security door. This is another door that goes over the top of your existing door. The only kind I recommend is Titan Security Doors. These doors are made with a revolutionary new alloy. It’s called T6 Commercial grade Aluminum Magnesium Alloy. It’s stronger than steel but has a much more polished and elegant look than that of drab steel. Its also 30% lighter than steel which means less stress on hinges and screws which means the door will last much longer for you.

The best part is Titan’s guarantee. Not only do they guarantee against the integrity, the finish and the parts and pieces but they guarantee its security. They guarantee your house won’t get broken into via their security door. You can find more information here www.titansecurity.com

I like these doors because you can actually leave your door open to allow the breeze to refresh your home, but don’t have to worry about some stranger walking in. Well there you have it, one more to go.


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