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Going Green – Lightbulbs

As promised, here is part one to a small series on Going Green.

Light bulbs – At this stage, if you aren’t using CFL (compact fluorescent bulb) light bulbs, you really need to get on the ball. At the very least you should be replacing any conventional light bulbs as they go out with CFL bulbs. However, you “should” go through your house and replace any conventional bulbs with new CFL’s.

I find it hard to believe that people actually still buy conventional light bulbs when right on the box of CFL’s it shows you, “This light bulb will save you $64 over the life of the bulb.” How do people pass on this offer? Anyway, at the very least you need to be purchasing these types of bulbs. There is a new type of bulb out now using LED technology. If you want to go the extra mile, you can but these bulbs but currently they are a bit expensive but the price should come down as their popularity increases.

Did you know that most American families can save 5-10% on their energy bill by turning off unnecessary lights? If your average energy bill is $250 per month, that means you will save between $150 and $300 dollars per year. Not bad at all.

Some people have brought up the misconception that it takes more energy to start a light bulb up than it does to keep it on, so use the following guideline for turning off unused lights. For conventional bulbs, turn the lights out if you’re leaving the room for more than a couple seconds. If you are using CFL bulbs, turn the lights out if you are leaving the room for a couple minutes or more.

According to the US Dept of Energy, if every American household replaced just one conventional light bulb with a CFL, the country would conserve enough energy to light 3 million homes a year. This is such an easy step, let’s all take the initiative and replace our light bulbs with CFL’s.


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