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Outdoor Security

Outdoor Security – You need to make sure your outdoor security is as tight as your indoor security. Meaning your side gates need to have heavy-duty weatherproof locks on them. You need to make sure and sheds are locked and secure. All outdoor equipment such as barbecue’s lawn mowers and tools are stowed properly and secure.

Is someone going to steal your 200 pound barbecue? Probably not, but your outside security will give clues to burglars about the rest of your home. If you are lackadaisical about your belongings that are stored outside your home, you probably don’t put too much effort into securing the belongings on the inside of your home as well. If they see you put effort into securing something big, cheap and hard to move, they can only imagine how much effort you put into securing valuables.

Also, make sure your car is locked, even if it’s parked in the garage. If you don’t park in the garage, you should start. You’d be surprised how many thefts occur while the car is parked in the previous owner’s driveway.


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