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Security Doors

Worried About Forced Entries and Home Invasions? Not Any More.


Next time there is a noise at your front door, you don’t need to be afraid.  Not with our new Titan Security Screen Doors.


Intruders are going to have a very hard time getting past these babies and with a sun/pet screen or perforated metal screen you will see who’s at your door long before they can see who is behind it.


These doors are incredible.  They’re not those cheap steel security doors that look like your side gate and make you feel like you’re staring out of a jail cell. There are no nasty looking welds, cheap hardware or ugly screens.


Titan Security Screen Doors are made out of this high-tech T6 commercial grade, aluminum-magnesium alloy.  The same stuff used to make aircraft landing gear.  It’s stronger yet lighter than steel and will not rust ever.  Guaranteed.


They aren’t just secure, they look terrific!  The doors are laser cut into over 180 different designs custom made just for your home. Titan doors will actually increase your homes “curb appeal”.


Also, when the temperature is mild you will be able to open your front door and let the cool breeze and fresh air into your home saving energy costs.


Protect your family and loved ones and get the peace of mind you deserve…


Call Nevada Glass at (702) 608-8408 for a FREE price quote and security audit. Or, visit our website at www.glassreplacements.com


PS Ask about our other security products such as: Vinyl   

   Windows and Patio Doors that meet California’s tough    

   forced entry code, laminated glass, “charlie bars” and

   footbolts for patio doors and security entry door


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