Broken Glass Repair Las Vegas

One of the things you need to realize when you are getting your broken glass repair in las vegas is that windows are a product made by a manufacturer. Those window manufacturers go out of business, they discontinue window lines and replace old products with new ones. You cannot expect that all the parts will still be available for that window 20 years later. The fact remains that just because you have broken glass, doesn’t mean your glass repair specialist is going to be able to replace all the pieces.

They are there to replace the broken glass, not to replace obsolete parts on your window. I recently had a customer who complained that we weren’t able to replace the trim surrounding her broken glass. The problem was the window was over 25 years old and in the Las Vegas heat that plastic window trim becomes brittle and falls apart when you touch it. If you are a homeowner and you have old windows, please be realistic when it comes to plastic trim, that has been exposed to 25 Nevada desert 115 degree summers.

Yes we can replace your broken glass, but that glass still sits in a 20 plus years old window, so while the glass is replaced, the window is not. Therefore, unless you want to replace your entire window, please do not expect the old window to look new, just because we came out to replace the glass.

Thank you.

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