Custom Home Window Secrets

7 Secrets Every Owner/Builder Should Know Before Purchasing Windows For Their Home.”

 If you are building a home in the Greater Las Vegas Area, and are confused by the wide range of prices, quality and features for windows and doors available, get the facts from an industry insider.

 Dear Friend,

      Hello, my name is Craig Osterhoudt.  I’ve been in the window and door business for over ten years – first as an installer, then as a salesperson, then as the general manager of a dealership and eventually now I own my own company serving homeowners in Las Vegas and Henderson.  I’ve been a resident of Las Vegas for my entire life. I went to grade school, middle school and high school here in Las Vegas. I even graduated from UNLV.

So, yes I am one of the few Las Vegas natives, and I’ve seen the city go through a lot of changes. I’ve seen the construction industry go through a lot of changes over the last decade as well, but the biggest change I’ve seen is the available choices for homeowners when it comes to windows and doors.

       I’ve helped customers build more than 1000 custom homes, since I’ve been in the business and the main complaint I hear from Owner Builders is the range of prices for what appears to be the same product. One owner told me that she got two quotes for the windows in her home. Both quotes were for aluminum windows. One quote was for $8,400 and the other was over $50,000 dollars.

How can there be such a wide discrepancy for what is relatively the same product? How is a consumer to know what to do? Was the lower bid just a pile of junk that’s going to fall apart in a few years or was the higher bid just a scam, hoping to cash in on the consumers unawareness?

That’s what this report is all about. It’s simply my way of giving back to the industry that I have found so much success in. I wanted to give back to the homeowners that do it themselves, and help them to make better decisions when it comes to choosing the windows and doors in their home. If I can help a few homeowners make the best decision for their wants and needs and get a great product for their investment then I feel I’ve done my job.

So let’s get started.

Selecting energy efficient windows and patio doors can have the most dramatic effect on your homes energy efficiency. NARI the National Association of Remodelers Institute estimates that 80 percent of energy loss in homes built today goes through your windows and patio doors.  You just need to learn the Seven Little Known Secrets to successfully replace the windows in your home.

You see, once you have learned the facts about windows and patio doors, then you can make a great decision.  No remorse.  No regrets.  Just the best windows for your home.

Stay tune for the 7 part Series coming over the next few weeks

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