Custom Home Windows Mistake 1

Mistake #1 – Working with a company that does not carry a contractors license.


In theory, the contractor’s board is there to protect the customer. It’s there to make sure that the homeowner/builder isn’t damaged by someone “claiming” to know about their trade. The contractor’s board does its best to regulate the contractors in the state with the protection of the consumer in mind. It ensures that all contractors carry a bond, to protect the consumer in case they skip town. They also make sure we carry worker’s compensation insurance in case a worker gets hurt on your jobsite. In fact, the Contractor’s Board has many protections for the consumer and when you work with a company that doesn’t carry a contractor’s license you give that up.


You see, it’s not easy to maintain a contractor’s license. Many companies out there figure they can bypass the hassle and just get by without it. However, if you can get the same product for the same price, why would you give up all that protection?


I’ve seen many people buy windows from a company that shows up in town for a few months or even a few years and then when that company decides they want to leave, they take deposits, product and parts and materials with them and the homeowner is left with a bunch of headaches and problems and no one to help them and no bond posted to help you with expenses.


The worst part is when the window company is still in town but refuses to work with you. They tell you they did their part and the rest is up to you! Who can you call for help, the better business bureau? They can put a bad mark about them in their files and that’s about it. The contractors board can fine contractors, bring about legal proceedings and shut a contractor down if need be.

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