Custom Home Windows Mistake 4

Mistake #4 – Not comparing quality when comparing price.


I know you’re probably thinking, “here we go, another person telling us how to never go with the lowest bidder, you get what you pay for, bla bla.” Well, I’m here to tell you something different, because the fact is most people pay too much for their windows and doors. I do tell people to be careful when shopping solely based on price, because there is something a manufacturer is giving up to be able to offer a lower price. As long as what they are giving up isn’t important to you, then there is no reason to pay more.


So, here is the most important piece of this section and it may come as a surprise. Just because something costs more, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any better. Many people think that if one window costs more, it has more features and benefits and will last longer and a whole slew of other misconceptions. The fact is that when a window costs more, it’s usually because that company has a huge marketing budget to pay for and it reflects itself in the price of the window.


You need to compare the windows you are contemplating based on features and benefits. Many window companies sell and inferior product at a higher price simply because the customer has heard of those windows before. The problem with that is, how many window companies can the average consumer name off hand? One or two? There are hundreds of window companies that have been around a long time and offer great products.


Be sure to pick the benefits that are important to you, then compare windows based on those benefits. For example, is energy efficiency important to you? If so which window is the most energy efficient? You’ll find that windows made of similar materials are very close when it comes to energy efficiency, yet the prices vary wildly. The same goes for warranty. The warranties available for windows are remarkably similar, so is one window worth 20% more, when the warranty is relatively the same. Don’t get caught in the trap of paying more for a window, just because you’ve heard of it. You’re only paying for marketing expenses and not necessarily quality.


There are pages and pages of features and benefits comparisons in the complete report we offer, so if you need more information regarding this please call our office and request the complete report, or you can get it online

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