Custom Home Windows Mistake 5

Mistake #5 – Not making the window company responsible for their trade.


Here is a scenario that you may run into when you get a quote for windows. A window company will give you a window list and ask you to check it very carefully because any deviation from that list will incur additional costs. This is the equivalent of a window company asking you to be the expert. They should take responsibility and make sure that what gets ordered is what you need. They should be responsible for egress, code compliance, operation and ease of use.


Most people try to save some money by making their own window list and asking window companies to bid off of that list. I’ve seen more people lose more money from this mistake than any other. For the price of a set of plans, they end up spending hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands in extra’s because they didn’t want to print another set of plans.


To save on printing costs, burn CD’s or e-mail PDF files and make the bidders print their own set if they need a hard copy, but they need to acknowledge that they have received a set of plans and are bidding from that set. If need be, make a list of things that changed as you go along and e-mail/fax/ mail that list with the plans to each bidder.


Then, you should go through the plans with the contractor you chose, before you order. Sure, window color, and hardware colors, you have to be responsible for. If you signed for white windows and forgot your wife said green, you can’t expect the contractor to be responsible for that if you signed for white windows. However, things like jamb extensions, nail-fin location, door and window handing’s should all be discussed together with an experienced contractor who can lend his/her expertise in these areas.


Beware of someone who sends you a list and then asks you to sign the list and give a deposit so he can order. In fact, I recommend a jobsite walk as well before anything is ordered. Also make sure you get a rough opening list from the window guy, before your framer begins to lay-out. If he cuts his headers and you find out later that the windows you are ordering are oversize, you might have to pay for a whole new set of headers.


Well there you have it. If you can avoid these 5 worst mistakes, you should be in good shape when it comes to building your home, at least when it comes to the trade of windows and doors. If you were diligent enough to come this far I’d like to offer you couple of bonuses as my way of saying thanks for indulging me in this letter and reading all the way through. These are yours as long as you call and get an estimate within 60 days of receiving this letter. We are running specials all the time, so you if you aren’t quite ready within 60 days, that’s okay just mention you received this letter months ago and we will give you the specials we are running when that time comes.

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