Custom Home Windows Secret 1

Secret #1 – First Things First,

The Facts about Custom Home Windows and Patio Doors


One of the things that I’ve noticed since moving to Las Vegas is that homeowners are just not aware of the many benefits of high performance windows and doors.  Particularly the many people who have relocated here from California where the windows are just about as bad as they are here. I’m going to share with you a few facts about replacement windows and patio doors in just a minute, but first let me ask you a question…

Just how excited are you about sending off your hard-earned money to the utility companies each month?

You’re not?  I can’t say that I blame you.  These utility companies are ruthless!  I’m constantly hearing from folks who are paying $300-$800 per month to air-condition and heat their homes.  Just recently the electric company received approval for another rate increase!  They’ve got to be kidding!  To top it off they’re now running radio commercials informing us that they have a new “service” where we can have our electric bill directly deducted from our checking account.  Gee, thanks.

Fact #1 - You can have windows that pay for themselves at the expense of the utility companies.

               I know what you’re thinking. “If not aluminum windows and patio doors, what then?”  Good question.  The answer is wood or vinyl.  Why?  Let me share an interesting statistic with you.  According to the American Society of Testing Materials, aluminum conducts heat at a rate of 1416.0 BTU’s per hour.  Wood and vinyl on the other hand only conduct less than 1.3 BTU’s per hour.  That means that wood and vinyl are over 1000 times better at insulating your home than aluminum!  No wonder your utility bills are so high!

       By replacing your inefficient aluminum windows and patio doors with insulated vinyl or wood windows and doors with high performance glass, your utility bills will dramatically decrease.  Instead of sending off your hard-earned money to overpriced utility companies, you can invest in your home and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Fact #2 – Your home will be more comfortable while being spared from damaging UV radiation.

Here’s another reason to consider replacing your old aluminum windows…  Recent innovations in glass technology have provided homeowners with insulated glass units that not only dramatically reduce heat gain, but also filter out ultra-violet light that can damage carpet, furnishings and window treatments.  Two panes of insulating glass, a special coating to stop radiant heat and argon gas between the panes, will provide you with windows and patio doors that are more than twice as effective at reducing the sun’s heat.  This will let you keep the blinds open during the day, enjoy more light and yet still be more energy efficient and comfortable than your old windows.  I like to call it “cool sunlight”.

 Fact #3 – Your home will be much quieter.

Oh, by the way… In addition to the heat and light benefits, people are pleasantly surprised to find that their new windows and patio doors significantly reduce outside noise.  So, if you’re near the airport, a busy street or you have neighbors who are hard of hearing with questionable taste in music… Just close your new windows and enjoy a restful nights sleep.

Fact #4 – You can easily clean and maintain your new windows and patio doors.

       Take a look at your windows.  If they are like most peoples they probably could use a good cleaning.  It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the dust and dirt that blows through the gaps in cheap aluminum windows.  The problem is it’s just too darn difficult and time consuming to clean them regularly.  That’s the great thing about modern replacement windows.  Compared to aluminum windows, wood or vinyl windows seal out the dust and dirt and are a snap to keep clean.  Some windows even allow you to clean the outside of the glass from inside the house.


Fact #5 – New windows and doors look terrific!

       Have you ever noticed that many of the homes in your neighborhood tend to look very similar?  I know that’s true in my neighborhood.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve almost pulled in the wrong driveway a couple of times.

One of the few things that we can do to add a sense of distinction to our homes, interior as well as exterior, is to improve the appearance of our windows and doors.  Exciting styles of tinted or artistic glass, decorative grilles and designer hardware can add style and elegance to any home.

Also, the addition of bay, bow and garden windows, particularly in a relatively small or dimly lit room will provide classic appearance and expand the view while adding natural lighting.

Fact #6 – New windows and doors increase the value of your home.

       According to a report by First Financial Funding Group, replacement windows dramatically increase a home’s resale value and marketability.  New windows and doors “help a home sell faster”.  Nationally, sales agents say that a new set of vinyl or vinyl-clad insulated glass windows will return 71 percent of the money invested in them.  Wood windows provide an even better first year return – 85 percent nationally.

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