Going Green – Make energy at home

This is the last installment of going green at home and doing it yourself. This section could be the most important one because it is the ultimate way to go green at home and do it yourself.

What if I told you there is a way where you could get rid of your power bill all together? What if I told you there was a way that you can actually have the power company pay you at the end of each month? You would probably say its impossible right? Well until recently it probably was impossible without spending thousands of dollars and hiring professionals to adjust your home in such a way that this could be feasible.

However, recently information has become available that shows how you, by yourself, at home can begin to create your own energy. Creating your own personal energy is the ultimate way to go green. No oil or coal will need to be burned in order for you to run your household. You can even sell your energy back to the power company (in some areas).

One of the projects you can do costs less than 100 dollars to implement! If your power bill is 300 a month like mine used to be, it will pay for itself in the first month. There is a lot of information on this subject, and you can find it here.

You really should check it out because there is nothing you can do that is more “green” than to create your own energy using the natural elements that go untapped everyday. If 1 in 10 residences in America started this program, it would almost eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. Why not be one of the first? Even if you aren’t particularly concerned about the environment or the economy, saving tons of money on energy costs is always a good thing. Here is that link once again, please take a look.

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