Going Green – Thermostat

Programmable Thermostat

If you live in a dwelling that does not have a programmable thermostat, this should be your first home improvement, without a doubt. About 2/3’s of the energy you consume is from heating and cooling your home, depending on what climate you live in. Using a programmable thermostat can drastically reduce your energy consumption, sometimes by up to 20%.

Since they only cost around 100$ they usually pay for themselves within a couple months, especially during the winter, where you can program your home to use much less energy. Have you ever turned your thermostat up because you were having company or needed to warm the house up real quick, then forgot about it and left the house? Well a programmable thermostat can end all of that. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night too hot in the winter or too cold in the summer, but were too tired to get up and change the temperature? You can solve those problems as well.

And, believe me, if you think you can remember to turn your thermostat down/up everyday before you leave for work, the only way to guarantee you do is by using a programmable thermostat. It is also a benefit, because older thermostats don’t work as well anymore. They keep the heat going on long after the correct temperature is reached and vice versa in the summer.

Do yourself and the environment a favor and get a new programmable thermostat, immediately! Oh and by the way, Happy Earth Day!


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