Laminated Glass

Due to the massive amount of break in’s we are seeing in the Las Vegas valley,  I am going to publish 10 security tips over the next few days, to help you make your home more secure.

#1 – Laminated Glass – If you have a particular window that is either hidden by shrubs, or along a dark wall of your house, or for whatever reason, this window (or two) would be a prime spot for a burglar to choose to attempt to enter your home, I suggest you replace the glass with laminated glass.

Laminated glass virtually has to be beaten and beaten upon for several minutes before you can get through it. Burglars cannot sit there and beat on your window to get inside; they will give up and move on so they don’t get caught. If you put an extra lock and laminated glass in that window it will be virtually impossible to get into.

Several companies sell security film. This essentially works the same as laminated glass the film is virtually unbreakable. The only problem I have with film is that, burglars are educated and learn which style of windows are present in certain housing tracts and what they’re weaknesses are. Some windows can be deglazed entirely with just a razor blade and the glass removed without even setting off the alarm.

When we reglaze a window with laminated glass we make sure to seal the new glass in such a way that the glass cannot be removed under any circumstance. The only way to get through that window is to beat on it for several minutes. If you choose the correct additional window lock, the window will be secure and safe and you can have one less thing to worry about.

You see, when a burglar decides to break into a home, he stakes it out, chooses what would be the best way to get in and then does it. You should do the same thing, sit outside your house and decide if you were going to break in, what would be your plan of attack? Where would you choose to try and break in? You can ask a neighbor or close friend to do the same thing. Then address that particular entry point. If it’s a window, get laminated glass and an extra window lock.


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